With offices in Glen Burnie, Md., TargaPro provides consultation, design and installation of synthetic turf systems for the recreational and sport field markets in the Mid-Atlantic region. Roots in the Maryland area began in 1990 with the installation of our first putting green, as Galaxy Greens – an affiliate of ProGreen International. Through tested leadership, steady growth and expansion the company quickly focused on a wider variety of applications, with the result being a change to become ProGreen Worldwide.

Through an association with GSE GeoSport Surfaces, installations began to include larger indoor and outdoor facilities, while still keeping centered on the importance of every putting green, dog run and backyard playground. In late 2007, the potential conflict of similar names prompted us to engage in a name change to TargaPro and began a major image change, marketing expansion , and capacity increase that has thrust us onto the public stage as we continue to lead the industry in helping develop environmentally sound state of the art synthetic turf systems.

As our first decade in business draws to a close, we have formed associations within the industry that have enabled us to bring to the market, such innovations as Organite™ an Anti-Microbial Infill that kills microbes on the molecular level; EcoGreen66, the industry’s best 66 ounce face weight, no-urethane turf and EcoFlo, a hybrid dynamic drainage and shock attenuation pad that is installed either perforated or impervious, depending on the architectural engineering requirements.  

Continuing to specialize in the states surrounding the national capitol area of Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware for all our systems, crews also travel to perform installations of the large venues and sports complexes across the eastern United States from Ohio to upstate New York.

The environmental problems that began to surface in 2007 slowly grew as issues that included heavy metals testing, bio-related health infections, and the recyclability of spent and out-of-warranty fields became apparent. Applying the ethical mindset that has characterized our strategic growth, 2008 has led us to assemble components that make up an environmentally sound synthetic turf system.

From its very inception, the company has continued to offer top notch design/build capabilities from the undulating design of a challenging backyard putting green to a turf field drainage design that evacuates 4.4” of storm water per hour of clean, reusable rainwater.

As we move forward one of our primary goals, and that of our associates, is to address problematic conditions with solutions that are efficient, economical, and environmentally sound; and to conduct business in a way that is both ethical and admirable. Set apart from those that would do “Anything For A Buck”, our first call is to lead the industry in a responsible manner and reflect that mindset in every encounter and transaction.

We at TargaPro thank you for the interest that you have shown and await an opportunity to hear from you. We always provide information, site design, and a no obligation quote for anyone concerned with the installation and use of any synthetic turf system.


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